how long to keep fresh water in rv tank

How long is fresh water in the RV tank? I see much time when people asked this question, so now we write an article for everyone to read and ask. Freshwater is used for showering, cooking, washing dish, etc…

RV’s fresh water system is simple. You can find out RV’s fresh water tank under the kitchen area or bathroom area. RV’s fresh water tank will be silver, it is easy to distinguish from black/blue tanks which contain waste either gray/black tanks which contain holding /greywater.

It is very easy to answer a question that how long freshwater is in rv tank. Usually, you can keep fresh water in the RV tank for around 2 days or more. You can find out the time when using up all freshwater by looking at the measurement of the level of your freshwater storage tank. If it has 10L, 100L, 1000L or 5000L capacity, you will know how many hours take to using them if no one fills your freshwater again. To still have enough clean and safe environment inside your RV, please drain out your grey/black tanks at the proper dumping site nearby before run out your freshwater storage tank.

If you frequently travel on road and camp mostly under an outdoor area with poor sanitation conditions or a place with no fresh water source, you can purchase additional freshwater containers. You can fill them with safe and certified drinking water or boiled water before your trip. This way will keep a long time when you run out of fresh water in the RV tank.

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Just remember to use only clean drinking water or safe boiled of your own tap/spring/river for filling up extra freshwater containers.

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